"Out of the awareness of the breath, the heart will flower with self-love and love for others."
- Ma Jaya

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Your Stories About Ma

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Forever Different

By Corie Baker

To my Kashi peeps: You’re all lucky to have had her present for so long. I cling to the few times I sat before her, I cling to every word she directed to me. I was awoken by her when I met her in New York and have been forever changed by the simple yet love filled words she spoke ...Read More

Ma’s grace, again

By Annapurna

Out of work for three months, I was experiencing a lot of self doubt, fears, and uncertainty. It was difficult for me to realize Ma’s presence continues in our lives. On 1/08, at 1:08, I received a call confirming I had a job, and knew I was blessed, by Her grace. I am so grateful to be reassured, again of ...Read More

Our Ma

By Annapurna

In 1997, we moved to long island to live with my Mom. I asked Balaram once “what do you miss most?”

“Throwing the rice,” he answered …

Thank you, love you Ma!

xo Annapurna

Our House…

By Ganga Nam

I was sitting in the living room in a war torn area of Los Angeles, in an AIDS hospice run by APLA. I was dying. Quite frankly, I thought I had already died. There was this woman who was supposed to come and visit with her entourage. Wasn’t in the mood. Suddenly, the door swings open, and I mean swings, and ...Read More

Ma Teaching Me a Lesson

By Billy Hanuman

When I was younger, and even now when I am 12 years old, I remember Ma teaching me for doing and/or making bad decisions.

I would get called into Ganesh room, where Ma would be waiting for me. I was always very scared. When I entered the room, seeing Ma and Yashoda and everyone else, my stomach would drop to my legs and I ...Read More

She Loved Me

By Willie Jaya Das Dyke

Ma not only taught love, and showed compassion and understanding – Ma was the actual embodiment of love. She has touched my life in ways that mere words could never do justice. The unconditional love, attention and spiritual nurturing that Ma gave me opened up that part of my heart that was stuck in a quagmire of fear, doubt, insecurity, ...Read More

A Ma story

By Hanuman Tirtha

It was 1976, I was living at Shyam’s house in NY, and working at a dry cleaners. At lunch I would sit in my van and meditate on Ma’s picture. Each day at around 2 pm a girl would walk by, look at what I was doing and walk on. One day she came over and asked what was this ...Read More

She touched me..all over..

By suditi jaya

when we came to Kashi for the first time, i was not so much into gurus..the guy from our group said it would be good for our groupwork to meet ma jaya…so we came…and she hit my heart..with tender love, with beautiful tender love….

i was so surprised that a person that i had never met before, touched me in a ...Read More

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