"Love is the opposite of judging."
- Ma Jaya


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Rev. Dirk Ficca

To the Kashi Community

Ma Jaya was a spiritual teacher, author, artist and humanitarian.

Most of all, she was a fearless pioneer.

Before it was fashionable in celebrity circles, Ma Jaya was an outspoken advocate for those struggling and dying with HIV/AIDS.

Before religious and spiritual communities found their ethical footing, Ma Jaya provided the moral imperative to care for ...Read More

Gurudev (Yogi Amrit Desai)

To the Disciples of Ma Jaya, It is with a saddened heart that I learned of the Mahasamadhi of our dear Ma on April 13, 2012. Over our 30-year relationship, we always shared our common vision for serving humanity through the authentic voice of yoga. With joy in my heart, I remember her outgoing, energetic, fearless Kali-personality. At a visit ...Read More

Vishwanath Heim

It is difficult to put into words what Ma meant to me.  She was my everything.  My guru (teacher), my strength, my wisdom, my sense of humor and the reason I am alive today.  She loved me fiercely enough and taught me how to serve another human being, because without service I would be nothing.  She taught me to love ...Read More

Julia Roberts

There are a few people in one’s life that create only the warmest and most powerfully positive impact imaginable.

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati was one of those people to me and my family.

She was a beautiful person who shined with love and understanding in all ways.

Kashi Ashram was created out of her devotion to all who sought her ...Read More

Christina Tascom

I cannot begin to express my extreme sadness for all of you and Kashi at this time.  It is unfathomable to think of that place in the world where there is no Ma laughing and speaking in that great Brooklyn accent.  Although I know she is still here in spirit, I know that you all will be so lost without ...Read More

Rev. William Swing

My prayers today are for the inspiring and lovely soul of Ma. In peace, Bill

Rev. Mark Hallahan

My heart is broken as are your hearts, I’m sure, to know that Ma Jaya as we have known her is leaving this plane.  My love and prayers are with you and especially with her.  I am an Episcopal Priest and followed Ma for a time when I was part of United Spirit church in West Hollywood.  I attended many ...Read More

Montreal satsang

It is with great sadness that we, as chelas of Ma here in Montreal, learnt of her passing.

To mention a few names, Atma Jyoti (Michele Blanchard, Director of the Aids Clinic….”Maison D’Herelle) Also Satya who runs a Yoga Center, Bevan Skerrat, who is now chaplain for the Natives in the Federal Prisons. and myself br. Ganga Kali Jaya Das ...Read More

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